Educreations – Student as Teacher

Educreations is an app that turns the iPad into a recordable, interactive whiteboard for creating Khan’s Academy-style tutorials, lessons, or stories. It’s both a teaching and learning tool, allowing users to create lessons and browse what others have created. It’s very simple to use and intuitive, requiring very little time to learn, and created videos can be used by anyone via iPad or computer. Educreations can be used either as a pedagogical tool in flipped or distance-learning classrooms or as a platform for student exhibition, allowing students to demonstrate learning, craft presentations, and teach each other.

This activity emphasizes the skill and art of planning by using Educreations to put students in the role of teachers. After researching a topic of interest, each student will devise an engaging method for sharing his or her knowledge with the class in a video medium, breaking down the steps to understanding a concept in an easy-to-follow format. This can also be used as a form of summative assessment because students must be masters of the material to effectively communicate the content and answer any questions posed by the teacher and fellow classmates. By sharing and storing these video lessons, students will feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment. Additionally, they will learn from their peers’ expertise by participating in each others’ lessons.

Step 1: Students sign up in pairs for a chapter or topic of interest. Step 2: Students conduct research on their topics. Step 3: Students draft lesson plans, learning objectives, and overarching structures of their lessons. Step 4: Students write, narrate, and create the video footage for their Educreations video lessons. Step 5: Students can share and present their video lessons, then archive them for future classes.


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