Twitter – 24/7 PD

Twitter is a great tool for connecting teachers.

Think of it as a virtual staff room where teachers can share best practices. It’s a sounding board – a place to bounce ideas off of each other, discussing both successes and failures – what worked in our classrooms and what didn’t. It acts a support network for like-minded teachers. It also challenges many of our beliefs about how we learn and what education really is. Through reading other teachers’ tweets, you begin to reflect on your own teaching and start to incorporate the suggestions and thoughts of other influential teachers. It encourages you to always be learning.

Instead of spending all day at a workshop and coming away with maybe one or two useful things, Twitter provides 24/7 professional development. In a few minutes, you can access a stream of good links, resources and opinions. You can connect with teachers around the world, providing you with a diverse perspective on ways to improve your teaching practice. Teachers by nature enjoy sharing, so there is no shortage of amazing posts to inspire you to become a better teacher. The 140 character limit acts a good discipline to help you clarify your thinking and get to the point.

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