A New Approach

Education is still holding on to its old ways while trying to incorporate new technologies.

Even though the role of technology in society is rapidly evolving, schools are hesitant to reflect this change. Technology is forcing us to rethink how we learn, what we learn, when we learn and who we learn with. It is bombarding us with seemingly endless bits of information everyday and we need to be wary of taking a too “infocentric” approach to education. For too long, education has focused on the “expert” teacher delivering information to the student. We have to let go of this obsolete transmission approach. Technology can not just keep replicating this old model, but must be used for creative transformation. We should harness the power of these tools to help design and build new things. We should allow the innate creativity of students to imagine and innovate new possibilities. We should use these tools for re-inventing what school is really meant for. Experimenting and tinkering should be integral aspects of this new approach to learning. Students should be given the space to fail and fail often. The knowledge that students gain from reflecting on these mistakes will lead to a greater sense of ownership and an empowerment that is often lacking in today’s schools.

Learning should be about an active construction of new knowledge.

Not a passive filling of minds.

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