Visual Learning

Infographics are an engaging way for students to creatively present content and can be used for practically any topic and in any class setting. The visual nature of infographics gives a more lasting impression than a simple text-based essay or presentation. It provides the opportunity for students to research topics, synthesize information and draw conclusions in a style that is interesting and entertaining. The layout can assist with the spatial-temporal reasoning of the reader which makes learning easier. The combination of visuals and text is a powerful learning tool.

1) Think of an idea – make a list of possible ideas for your infographic
2) Create a skeleton & flowchart – this will be your initial draft
3) Choose eye-catching graphics – visuals attract more than text
4) Research – use a variety of reputable sources
5) Provide facts and conclusion – illustrate statistics, make it simple
6) Edit, edit, edit – filter through everything and try to create a narrative

Tools for Creating Infographics (Click on the icon)

  Piktochart  Canva

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