Using QR Codes

A QR (quick response) code is a type of image that holds information (up to 4296 alphanumeric characters) that can be scanned by mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It can contain many forms of information including: text, contact details, website addresses, links to YouTube videos, references etc. There are many applications for QR codes. Here are some examples:

-Library book add-ons with links to info about the author and other books
-Scavenger hunts and webquests with codes placed around classroom or school
-Homework add-ons with links to helpful sites and sources
-QR stations for self-directed learning with codes revealing tasks
-Assistive technology giving alternative access format for reading and writing support
-Classroom hotspots to access videos, websites related to curriculum and lesson plans
-Handout links for further reading & research
-Providing service by posting codes around school or newsletter
-Extension activities for students who finish assignments early
-Interactive classroom calendar for upcoming events and reminders
-Parent communication with links to school website, Facebook, Twitter

Creating QR codes for your class is easy. Once you’ve decided on the content you want to put into your QR code, just follow these steps:

1) Open this QR code generator:  QR Stuff
2) Paste your URL under the “Content” section
3) A QR code will be generated under “Preview” section
4) Download, save and print QR code
5) Use QR code reader to scan image Top 10 QR code readers

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